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Solar Energy Training Course

Photovoltaic (Solar Electric) _ July 2020

Solar Energy Training Courses / Solar Energy Education

The 5-days seminar offers an in-depth insight into " Photovoltaic (Solar Electric)"  and provides with lectures on the design and functioning of Grid-connected and off-grid Photovoltaics, solar cells and inverters, planning of photovoltaic systems, and location and shading of panels, as well as the Storage Types and characteristics. Storage Technology is one of most important aspects for the development of renewable energy especially in the developing countries. During the practical part of the seminar participants learn how to install a photovoltaic system. Finally, Participants will have the opportunity to visit a PV- solar plant and take part in a sightseeing tour through Berlin.


Solar energy fundamentals

  • The Solar Resource
  • Performance parameters of Photovoltaics, irradiance, spectrum, temperature, location and shadowing
  • PV Markets


Photovoltaic technologies

  • Solar Cell-Technologies
  • Function of solar cells, characteristic data
  • From cell to module  
  • Related electrical circuitry
  • Energy output of solar PV systems


Types of Solar Energy Systems and components

  • Standalone system
  • Grid-tied systems
  • Planning, design and installation of PV System


Properties and technique of modules characteristic curves.

  • I-V-Curve characteristics of PV-Modules (Theory)
  • I-V-Curve characteristics of PV-Modules (Exercise)


PV-System installation practice

 Excursion to a PV power plant and interview with the operator/or visit to solar company


Optional: sight-seeing tour of Berlin

Visit the breath-taking attractions of the German capital and enjoy its multicultural environment.  


Course Date: July 13th.- 17th, 2020

Location:       Berlin (Germany)


Application and Payment Finalization Deadlines: 15.03.2020


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